Comment Functions

ProjectHuddle purposely excludes it's comment types from all comment queries. This is so they don't show up where it's inappropriate (i.e. Comment Widgets, etc.)

Instead of using get_comments or other WordPress functions to get comments, please use the functions outlined in this document.

ph_get_comments 3.0.0+

Gets only ProjectHuddle comment types. Pass the comment thread ID as the post_id argument to get comments from a specific thread.

Getting the first comment from a thread example:

        'post_id'       => $thread->ID,
        'ph_force_show' => true,
        'number'        => 1,
        'order'         => 'ASC',
if ( ! empty( $first_comment) ) :
    echo wpautop( wp_kses_post( $first_comment[0]->comment_content ) );