PHP Filters

CRUD Filters

You can use the following filters to filter REST post type data. You can substitute any of the following post types for {$post_type} below:

  • ph-project Mockup Project
  • ph-website Website Project
  • project_image Mockup Image
  • ph-webpage Website Image
  • ph_comment_location Mockup Conversation Thread
  • phw_comment_loc Website Conversation Thread


Filter the {$post_type} REST query. You can add additional parameters to a query here. For example, you may want to update the query based on $request parameters.

Attribute Description
$args (array) Key value array of query var to query value.
$request (WP_REST_Request) The request used.


Filter data right before it's inserted in the database. A common use is to force a specific post attribute, like status or author.

Attribute Description
$prepared_post (stdClass) An object representing a single post prepared for inserting or updating the database.
$request (WP_REST_Request) Request object.


Filters the post data for a response after it's fetched or saved. You can use this to change what's sent our javascript interface. For example, you may want to simplify or change an attribute for REST API consumption.

Attribute Description
$response (WP_REST_Response) The response object.
$post (WP_Post) The post object
$request (WP_REST_Request)


Filter collection parameters for the posts controller. You can add additional collection parameters. For instance, if you want a user to be able to sort by a specific new piece of data.

This filter registers the collection parameter, but does not map the collection parameter to an internal WP_Query parameter.

Often times you will use this in conjunction with rest_{$post_type}_query filter to check for this parameter and set WP_Query parameters accordingly.

Attribute Description
$query_params (array) JSON Schema-formatted collection parameters.
$post_type (WP_Post_Type) Post type object.

Attribute Filters

Sometimes you'll want to filter a specific attribute in a model. ProjectHuddle has some fine-grained filters specifically for this data.

Attribute Get Filter Formula

Attribute filters follow this formula:


Substitute any of the following for {$project_type} below:

  • mockup Mockup Project
  • website Website Project

Substitute any of the following for {$type_name} below:

  • project (Mockup or Website Project)
  • image (Mockup Image)
  • page (Website Page)
  • thread (Mockup or Website Thread)
  • comment (Individual Comment)
  • approval (Individual Approval Comment)


Each filter gives you 3 parameters:

Attribute Description
$value (mixed) Attribute value being returned
$attr (string) ID of the post
$object (WP_Post or WP_Comment) Post or Comment object


Here are a few examples of this formula in action

Filter the resolved attribute:

add_action( 'ph_mockup_rest_get_thread_attribute', 'my_custom_fuction', 10, 3);

function my_custom_function( $value, $attr, $object ) {
    // we're only looking for "resolved" changes
    if ( 'resolved' !== $attr ) {
    // if it is resolved, do something!
    if (  $value ) {
        // Thread is resolved, so we can modify it!
    return $value;