Mockup Images

A Mockup Images post stores all information from a specific image in a mockup project including approval, display options and more.

Post Type


Custom Post Data

To access this data, check out the Accessing Data section of the documentation.


(int) The parent ID for the mockup image.


(array) Image display options.

Key Possible Value Description
alignment 'center', 'left' or 'right' The alignment option for the image.
size 'normal' or 'scale' The behavior option for when a window is resized.
background_color A hex value string. The background color for the image.
background_image A url string. The url to the background image behind the image.
background_image_position 'center', 'repeat', 'repeat-x', or 'cover' Image position of the background_image

Approval Status

Instead of storing approval in a custom field, you can get approval by using the ph_post_is_approved function