Website Projects

A Website Project post stores all information from a specific project include access options, members, approval option, zoom options, sharing and more.

Post Type


Custom Post Data

To access this data, check out the Accessing Data section of the documentation.


(array) Access options for the project.

Possible Values Description
login Visitor must login to access project
link Visitor must have the project access link to access the project
password Visitor must enter a password to access the project
public Anyone can access the project


(string) The url for the website


(string) The location of the toolbar on the project interface.

Possible Values Description
bottom-left Display the toolbar on the bottom left.
bottom-right Display the toolbar on the bottom right.


(array) A list of user IDs that have access to the project.


(string) The access token for the project.

Thread Resolve Status

The thread resolve status is getting the current number of conversation threads on a website project that are resolved. Instead of Conversation Thread resolve status in a custom field, you can get the data by using the ph_get_website_resolve_status function